What Pros Wear: WPW Football Holiday Wish List 2022

The tail-end of 2022 is already here and the holiday season is in full swing. As a massive football fan who researches different products everyday, there’s a lot of swag that has caught my eye throughout the year. We’ve decided to compile this list of only the best of the best gifts, perfect for any football player or football fan. Here are the top 10 products I’d love to see under the tree this holiday season!

Nike Vapor Edge 360 VC Cleats

During the Summer, Nike finally brought back one of their most iconic cleats from 2014, but with a twist. Nike brought back the Nike Vapor Carbon Elite 2014s, but rebuilt them with their most up to date traction plate and some other minor tweaks. The result is a modern take on one of the best Nike football cleats of all time. The nostalgia and top of the line performance from these cleats makes them a must-have for any skill football player. These cleats are comfortable, have incredible traction and would look amazing under the tree this holiday season.

You can grab a pair for $120 from Dicks Sporting Goods.

Nike Vapor Edge 360 VC “Gray/Silver”

Favorite NFL Team Jersey

The NFL team jersey has been a staple in the gift-giving game for long time. It’s a gift that doesn’t really break the bank but is going to be cherished by an NFL fan. For me, now that my Giants are having a solid season (hopefully I didn’t just jinx it), I feel like a Saquon Barkley jersey would be the perfect gift for me. Jerseys are an awesome way to show some support for your favorite team or player and they are one of the best holiday gifts.

Dicks Sporting Goods has plenty of different jerseys to choose from.

Saquon Barkley jersey

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Hood

As the holiday season approaches, the weather gets colder and colder. To combat the frigid temperatures, I think the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Hood would be a great gift. This hyperwarm hood can be worn under your football helmet or you can wear it when shoveling the driveway. Keeping warm during these months can be tough, (especially up here in New England) but this hood can help block out that harsh winter breeze.

Dicks has these for $35.

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Hood

Favorite NFL Team Hat

Similar to the jersey we talked about earlier, a favorite NFL team hat is another great gift for a football fan. Hats usually range from the $25-$50 range and there are tons of styles out there to choose from. As someone who wears a hat nearly everyday, I can’t get enough of them. For me, I have selected the New York Giants “Overhand Script” hat from ’47. I love the old-school design on this one and these hats have fit my head really well in the past. Another excellent gift option for any NFL fan (or sports fan in general).

You can gran the “Overhand Script” style hat from ’47 or check out some other options from Dick’s.

New York Giants “Overhand Script” hat

A Football

As a kid, one of my favorite gifts, every year, was a football. Here’s a little pro tip for you guys: When buying a football, get the same football that your team uses in-game. Then, when you’re practicing at home, you’re getting a good feel for the same football you’ll use in-game. This is especially important for QBs and WRs because some footballs feel and fly very different from others.

Check out all the footballs from Dicks.

The NFL uses the Wilson “The Duke” football


When playing any sport, a good pair of socks is crucial. When you’re on the field, your feet are taking a beating so it’s time to toss those old socks with the hole in the heel and get some thicker, performance socks. Socks are an absolute game-changer and you can wear them on the field or in the classroom/at work. My personal favorite is Nike’s “Everyday Max Cushioned”. You can feel that these have a little extra cushion and it changes the way your feet feel inside your shoes or cleats.

Nike has these available in a 3-pack for $20.

Nike Everyday Max Cushioned Socks

Custom-Numbered Arm Sleeve

Custom Numbered Sleeves are the perfect stocking stuffer for any football players out there. These sleeves come in 2 different materials – microfiber for those hot Summer days, and a thicker cotton for the colder months. With these sleeves, you can get them in several colors and even add an embroidered number. A stylish, functional accessory with some subtle swag.

Grab these for $25-$30 from customnumbered.com.

Custom Numbered Microfiber Sleeves

Adidas Ultra Boost Cleats

These are the second pair of cleats on this list and they are equally as cool as the first. Adidas just dropped Ultra Boost football cleats in 11 different college colorways. The Ultra Boost cleat is something us football equipment fanatics have been waiting to be released to the public for years. These cleats have a primeknit upper, Adidas Boost (of course) and the “freak” traction plate. This cleat is going to be more catered to the “big-skill” football players because of the wider base, but still a must-have on my Holiday wish list.

I’m hoping by the time this article goes live, they aren’t sold out, but they very well could be. Cross your fingers are head on over to Adidas.com

Adidas Ultra Boost Cleats

Oakley Visor

If the person you’re getting a gift for loves swag – they’re going to love an Oakley visor as a gift. In my opinion, a visor can elevate a helmet setup to the next level. These are a simple accessory that clips onto your helmet and gives you a little bit of extra eye protection, and of course swag. These visors come in tons of different colors but keep in mind, totally clear visors are the only ones legal in most leagues. The tinted and iridium ones can be saved for pregame and practice.

Check out all of the visor options from Dicks here.

Justin Jefferson wears the Oakley “Blue Sapphire Prizm” Visor during pregame.


The final item on this list is one of the simpler options – cones. Cones are a great thing for any football player to have. They can use them for training at the field or just use them to set up a makeshift field in the yard on Thanksgiving. They’re just a great thing to have on hand and rather inexpensive.

Dicks has this 4-pack of collapsible cones for $5.99.

Collapsible Training Cones

There’s our list! Let us know what we missed below and happy holidays.

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