Chris Paul is trending on Twitter thanks to ridiculous Kanye West accusation

Chris Paul was trending on Twitter on Thursday night just after Kanye West lobbed an accusation that the Suns star had an affair with Kim Kardashian.

You hardly ever know what is heading to hit Twitter at any supplied time. Occasionally it’s memes about the most current NFL recreation circulating. Often it’s Kanye West lobbing a grenade into the particular daily life of an NBA superstar.

In circumstance you hadn’t figured it out, the latter was the large news on social media on Thursday night time.

In the midst of a tweet storm made up of varying degrees of coherence, West made an accusation in opposition to Chris Paul.

“Let’s break one past window prior to we get outa here,” West tweeted. “I caught this male [Chris Paul] with Kim. Excellent evening.”

Well, that was surely unpredicted. It was very little but stunning for NBA Twitter to see Chris Paul trending on a evening when he was not actively playing for the Suns.

Kanye West bought Chris Paul trending on Twitter about an infidelity accusation

The social media response leaned into the comedy of the full circumstance.

Just go look for Paul on Twitter. There are a million other tweets and memes.

Paul is likely to get the headlines, but his involvement is the most insignificant of the developments from Thursday about West.

The rapper and would-be presidential candidate double, triple and quadrupled down on radical messages relating to Jewish people, NAZIs and much more. An interview with Alex Jones, in which he praised Adolf Hitler, was just the commencing of a further day of wild rhetoric.

West was suspended from Twitter for 12 several hours for violating the platform’s rules when he posted a graphic containing a swastika.

So in quite a few techniques, this Paul predicament is a smokescreen. This was not just a single well-known human being exposing one more. This was a whole lot greater and more serious than that.

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